Cameo® Partners International

Cameo partners international: apple goes global

A worldwide group of Cameo® stakeholders from the USA, Chile, Australia, South Africa and Europe formalized an organization called Cameo® Partners International.

The goals of this organisation are the following:
- Promoting Cameo® worldwide
- Facilitating improved international trade and coordination of new market development
- Improving exchange of technical and marketing information
- Consistent worldwide eating qualities
- Improving grower returns

Members of Cameo Partner International are:
- Caudle Apple Corporation, USA,
- Cameo Apple Marketing Association (CAMA), USA Cameo® USA
- Australian Fresh Fruit Company (AFFCO), Australia Cameo® Australie
- Stargrow nursery, South Africa Cameo® RSA
- Andes Nursery Association, Chile
- Cameo Europe SAS, Europe

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