Orchard Performance

Picking date

Early to mid-October, a few days before Braeburn and thus the variety provides a good fit with other varieties in growers’ portfolios by providing continuity of harvesting but avoiding the peak demand for picking in September.

Picking criteria

Firmness: 7.5 kg/cm²
Sugar: 13°Brix


Very productive, Cameo® belongs to the most productive diploid varieties and new orchards come into production rapidly.

Blossom Date

Similar to Gala


Malus Golden Gem or any diploid variety with the same blossom date


The tree is vigorous and must be well balanced to avoid biannual bearing

Scab & Canker

Similar to Gala

Fruit size

Average of 75 to 85 mm

Plant material

2 clones are available, Cauflight (dark red with stripes) and Cauvil (block dark red) ensure a high grade-out potential.


Cameo® achieved good performances over the years.

Storage potential

Cameo® apples have excellent storage capacities and retain taste, texture and skin finish up to 1 year in CA store, increasing the utilisation of cold stores, grading and packing facilities. They also have an excellent shelf-life and do not bruise easily.

Storage regime: 2 to 3 % CO2, 1 to 1.5% O2 and 1 to 2°C.


Tree suppliers

Cameo® trees are available at the tree nursery Dalival


Château de Noue

02600 Villers-Cotterêts


Tel.: (+33) 3 23 96 56 50

e-mail: info@dalival.com


Only professional fruit growers can plant Cameo®. They must sign a cultivation contract with Dalival to plant and harvest Cameo®.